St Peters Church

St Peter’s Church of Stoke Lyne dates back to the 14th Century and is architecturally beautiful inside and out, well worth a lingering pause. Dating from the 12th century, a statue – presumably of St Peter – can be seen above the main south door. In 1993 the west end of the church was tastefully re-designed to provide the parish with a meeting room and kitchen facilities. The church was completely refurbished in 2019.

The vicarage, now a private house and known as ‘The Old Rectory’, was built in 1872. It has seen many vicars, but none so infamous as the Rev William Bryant MA who used to walk around the church tower, calling his parishioners to worship. He shot himself, in the vicarage, in 1914. His burial on 3rd November 1914 took place without the services of the Church of England.

Stoke Lyne is one of  10 parishes forming the Shelswell Group of Church Parishes.

Full details of services will be found on the church notice board, The Church Page on our website and in the monthly parish newsletter.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Parish News: The monthly Parish news gives details of forthcoming events in the 10 parishes, including local as well as church events.

Group Rector: Rev Alice Goodall, The Rectory, Water Stratford Road, Finmere 01280 848192 email:

Assistant Priests:
Rev. Liz Welters
Licensed Lay Minister: Mrs Penny Wood
Churchwarden:  Christopher Poole Church Barn Stoke Lyne Oxon OX27 8RU Tel: 01869 346020 Email:

Parish Meeting room Booking clerk:
Mr James Holden-White, 6 The Close, Stoke Lyne